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Please follow the steps below to ensure that your submission is complete.

Note: If you have ever enrolled full-time at a post-secondary institution after graduating from high school you are a transfer student and must apply as a transfer student. Click here for details regarding the transfer admission process.

If you were previously admitted and attended classes at any UConn campus as a degree student, do not submit this application for admission. For information on readmission, contact the UConn Dean of Students Office at (860) 486-3426.

After you click "Begin Application for University of Connecticut" at the end of this page, you will need to create a username and password. Please record your username and password for future reference.

  1. Complete the Online Application Form
    The online application has eight sections. If you follow the self-paced process outlined in the Instructions section on the right, your work will be saved, allowing you to return to the site to work on the application as many times as necessary before submitting it.
  2. Submit Your Application Fee
    Your application for admission includes a $80 application fee. We encourage you to make a secure payment online via credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) or you may submit a check, money order, or College Board fee waiver (not applicable for transfers) via postal mail.
  3. Confirm Your Application Submission
    After submitting your application, you will view an online confirmation page. This page confirms the successful submission of your online application. If you do not see this page, your application was not successfully received. Please print this page for your records.
  4. Required Documents
    You are required to submit supporting documents as outlined in the Transfer Application Requirements or Freshman Application Requirements section of the UConn Undergraduate Admissions site.

    Official transcripts from all high schools and/or colleges attended are required, whether or not credit is desired or expected. Transcripts may be received electronically through Naviance directly from a high school or must be in a sealed envelope from the institution.

    Please send all supporting documents to:
    University of Connecticut
    Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    2131 Hillside Road, Unit 3088
    Storrs, CT 06269-3088
  5. Fine Arts Applicants
    If you are interested in either a primary or secondary major in the School of Fine Arts (Dramatic Arts, Art, Digital Media or Music), you will be required to submit supplemental materials through Slideroom for Admissions consideration. Please click here for more information and follow the specific requirements based on your major of interest.

Contact Us

University of Connecticut
Undergraduate Admissions
2131 Hillside Road, Unit 3088
Storrs, CT  06269

Telephone: (860) 486-3137
Fax number: (860) 486-1476


To complete this online application, type your answers in the corresponding fields or select your answers from the popup lists (where applicable).

After you complete a screen, click the NEXT button at the bottom or on one of the sections listed on the left column to move to a different screen. Before you are allowed to jump screens, we will inspect your data on the current screen for errors or inconsistencies. If errors or omissions are found, you will be returned to the screen to correct your answer(s). Otherwise, your data will be saved and you will proceed to the requested screen. We also allow you to skip to another screen without your new data being saved. Be aware that if you use the Skip & Jump function on the left column, data on the current screen will not be saved and will have to be reentered prior to submittal.

Once you have completed the application, click the SUBMIT button located on the left column to submit the application.

Click here if you have any technical questions or need assistance with this online application.

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