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All requested materials should be mailed to the School of Graduate Studies directly from each institution you have attended. Some programs require departmental applications in addition to the Graduate School application.

Application for Admission to Graduate Study

Before completing this application, please consult the university's graduate catalog. Information is also available on our website, You may check the status of your application on our website. We urge you to become familiar with the requirements for admission, graduation, and other pertinent information contained therein. Applicants may apply to only one program at a time.

A nonrefundable application fee of $50 is required (credit card). Applicants are urged to submit the completed application and credentials well in advance of the semester for which they seek admission. Applicants who do not matriculate in a planned program within a year are required to resubmit an application to the Dean of the Graduate Studies.

If a program is being revised from one academic department to another, you must file a new application and pay the $50 application fee. If a program is being revised within the same department, a new application is not required. Transcripts may also need to be resubmitted if required by the department to which the student is transferring.

The information you have furnished on this online application, together with all information and materials received by the School of Graduate Studies from any source, will be confidential. It will not be disclosed to anyone, except that the School of Graduate Studies may, for official purposes, disclose any part or all of any information to such person(s) as are deemed professionally advisable. Although the School of Graduate Studies has a rolling admissions process, applicants are urged to submit the completed application and credentials well in advance of the semester for which they seek admission. Many departments have established application deadlines and separate departmental applications. Refer to the graduate catalog for those deadlines. Those who are applying for programs that include teacher certification should allow a minimum of six months from receipt of application to admission.

Residency Classification for Tuition Purposes

(From P.A. 74-474, Connecticut General Statutes) It is the intent of the Connecticut State Legislature that the Connecticut State Universities apply uniform rules in determining whether students shall be classified as in-state or out-of-state for tuition purposes. The following shall determine student status:

  1. The establishment of a new domicile in this state by an emancipated person has not occurred until he/she has resided in this state for a period of not less than 12 months.

  2. No emancipated person shall be deemed to have gained residence while attending any educational institution in this state as a full-time student in the absence of a clear demonstration that he has established domicile in this state.

  3. Once established, a domicile is not lost by intention to establish a new domicile.

  4. The domicile of a married woman is normally that of her husband.

  5. A person does not gain or lose in-state status by reason of his/her presence in any state or country while a member of the armed forces of the U.S., provided a member of the armed forces may obtain in-state status for himself/herself and his/her dependents by establishing his domicile in this state.

  6. Upon moving to this state, an emancipated person employed full-time who provides evidence of domicile may apply for in-state classification for his spouse and unemancipated children after 12 consecutive months of residency and, provided such person is not himself in this state primarily as a full-time student, his spouse and unemancipated children may at once be so classified, and may continue to be so classified so long as such person continues his domicile in this state.

  7. The spouse of any person who is classified or is eligible for classification as an in-state student shall likewise be entitled to classification as an in-state student.

Definition of Terms

Residence or reside denotes continuous and permanent physical presence within this state, provided temporary absence for short periods of time shall not affect the establishment of a residence.

Domicile denotes a person's true, fixed, and permanent home and place of habitation. It is the place where he intends to remain, and to which he expects to return when he leaves without intending to establish a new domicile elsewhere.

Emancipated person means a person who has attained the age of 18 years, and whose parents have entirely surrendered the right to the care, custody, and earnings of such person and who no longer are under any legal obligation to support or maintain such person. If any of the aforesaid tests are not met such person shall be deemed an "unemancipated person."

Immunization Requirements

According to Connecticut Statutes matriculated students in Connecticut universities who were born after January 1, 1957, must provide proof of immunization against measles and rubella (German measles) before they will be permitted to register. Proper measles immunization requires two (2) injections: the first must have been received after 12 months of age and after January 1, 1969, and the second must have been received after January 1, 1980. Proper rubella immunization consists of one injection received after 12 months of age. The only exceptions are those students who provide laboratory documentation of immunity to measles and rubella, those who provide a physicians statement that immunization should not be done, or those who provide a statement that the immunization is against their religious beliefs, or those graduated from Connecticut high schools in 1999 or later. Documentation of immunization must be submitted to the Granoff Student Health Service prior to registration.

Full-time graduate students who wish to use health services must have completed health forms (questionnaire and physical examination) on file at Granoff Student Health Center. Also, those students who live in on-campus housing must provide documentation of meningitis vaccination.

Test Scores

Certain applicants to the graduate school may need to supply scores from the Educational Testing Service (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, PRAXIS). Any such test results should be forwarded directly to the School of Graduate Studies, Southern Connecticut State University.

International Students

For any student whose native language is not English, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required. All necessary information for taking the examination may be obtained from the Educational Testing Service, PO Box 899, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA. Other materials to be supplied by international applicants are mailed to the School of Graduate Studies under separate cover. Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for other requirements. Resident aliens must provide a copy of their alien registration cards.

Admission Policy

Admission to Southern Connecticut State University is dependent upon the credentials which the applicant presents. No applicant is rejected because of race, color, gender, age, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, or disabilities. The university does not discriminate in access to, treatment of, or employment in its programs and activities for qualified disabled persons defined under the provisions of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992.

New England Regional Student Programs (NEBHE)

SCSU participates in a regional cooperative program administered by the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE). Students who qualify for this program pay the Connecticut in-state tuition plus a 50 percent tuition surcharge and enjoy Connecticut resident admission privileges. Detailed information about the program can be obtained through the New England Board of Higher Education, 45 Temple Place, Boston, MA 02111. Southern students must submit a new application to the registrar's Office each semester in order to maintain eligibility for this program.

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