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Please complete all sections of this online application. When you are finished, click the SUBMIT button (on the left column of any application screen), and then print the application agreement statement that appears. Sign one copy and forward it to us; keep a copy for your records. A nonrefundable fee of $250 is due upon submission of your application.

Kauffman Fellows are selected from two applicant pools:

  • Finalist Applicants
  • Affiliate Applicants
The application requirements for these two groups are as follows:

  Class 20
Finalist Application
Class 20
Affiliate Application
Who should apply: Applicants looking to enter an investment firm Applicants employed full-time at an investment firm
Application Requirements
Online Application
Official Transcripts
Personal Statements
Statement of Interest   To be completed by investment firm
Professional References 3 written references 2 written references from someone outside your firm and 1 phone reference from within your firm
Deadline Currently closed
Round 1 Deadline
January 31, 2015
Round 2 Deadline
February 28, 2015
Round 3 Deadline
May 15, 2015

More Information

  • The application may be previewed in .pdf format by following the link below. Please note that this .pdf file is for information purposes only and the application must be completed online by clicking on the "Begin Application for Kauffman Fellows Program" button at the bottom of this page.
  • Download the Reference Form and give it to two (2) referees. The complete form is to be submitted directly to Jane Chinen at The subject line should read "Reference for [Applicant Name]".
  • Once a firm has agreed to hire a Kauffman Finalist and sponsor them in the Kauffman Fellows Program, a Statement of Interest signaling the firm's intent to support the Kauffman Fellow with tuition and a mentor must be completed and returned during the selection process.
  • Official Transcripts are required for all university degrees (bachelor's and graduate) you wish us to consider when reviewing your application. Please have official transcripts sent directly from your university to the attention of Jane Chinen, either by regular mail or email (faxes cannot be accepted).

    Transcripts must be sent by the registrar; we cannot accept any submissions from the applicant.

    By Regular Mail:

    Kauffman Fellows
    Attn: Jane Chinen
    855 El Camino Real, Suite 12
    Palo Alto, CA 94301 USA
    By Email:

  • Scholarships are available to all applicants and are awarded each year for the upcoming class. To be considered, please download and complete the Scholarship Application and submit it to the attention of Jane Chinen as part of your application package.
Please note that all documents must be received by the Application deadline.

Please read the Apply section of our website before beginning your application.

Contact Us

Kauffman Fellows
855 El Camino Real, Suite 12
Palo Alto, CA  94301

Fax number: (650) 561-7451


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