2014-2015 Application for Admission

Application Information

A message from the campus:

SCSU is accepting applications for the Fall 2015 terms.

Admission decisions are processed on a rolling basis as application files are completed.

If you have any questions about the application or admissions process, please call the Admissions Office at 203-392-5644.

Last updated: 2/25/2015 10:10AM PST


The Admissions Office needs the following items before an admission decision can be made!

  1. Completed Admissions Application with Fee/Fee Waiver
    Complete the online application and pay the $50 nonrefundable fee with Discover, Visa, or MasterCard. If you qualify for the SAT or CONNTAC-EOC fee waiver, you will need to obtain a fee waiver code from your guidance counselor. Once the application is on file, you will receive an acknowledgement letter from the Admissions Office.

  2. High School Record
    Please contact your guidance office to have your official high school transcript, mailed to the Admissions Office. Your high school record should include your rank in class and first marking period grades. If you hold a high school equivalency diploma, a copy of the diploma and scores should be included. Note: A completed application for a first-time student includes the application, fee, high school transcript, essay, and SAT or ACT scores. Freshmen must also include a letter of recommendation. Admissions decisions will not be made until the file is complete.

  3. SAT or ACT Scores
    Standardized test scores are required of all first-year applicants. (Any student out of high school for seven years or more is not required to submit the SAT or ACT scores.) Information regarding the SAT may be obtained in your guidance office or directly from the Educational Testing Service, P.O. Box 6201, Princeton, NJ 08540. The SAT Subject Test is not required for admission.

  4. Application Essay
    Please complete a brief biographical statement (500 words or less). Be sure to include your name and mailing address on the essay and include your essay with your application for admission. Note: Not required of transfer applicants. This your chance to tell us something special about yourself — something we might otherwise never know. Why, for example, are you choosing a particular academic major? Or what achievement in your past academic life means the most to you? Entering freshmen, please note: Your application will be considered incomplete without your essay/biographical statement.

  5. College Transfers
    Official transcripts of all college work must be sent before an admission decision will be made. Students wishing to transfer from other accredited institutions of higher learning must have a 2.0 cumulative average (level 100 or higher coursework) to be considered for admission. In addition, they should submit official transcripts of their previous college work AND an official copy of their high school transcript, high school diploma OR GED. These documents should be sent directly by the previous college, university and secondary school to Southern's Admissions Office. Transcripts must bear the registrar's seal and signature. Students should also be prepared to provide catalogs from the colleges they previously attended. Admission to Southern does not necessarily mean admission to a professional program. Note: Any student who has ever attended Southern Connecticut State University must indicate this information on the application. The Admissions Office will obtain a copy of your SCSU transcript.

  6. A Special Note for Transfer Applicants Interested in Nursing
    Transfer students planning to apply to the nursing department must first apply and be formally admitted to the university by the Undergraduate Admissions Office. There is a two step application process: First, you must apply and be admitted to the university. Once you meet all of the nursing program prerequisites, you are then eligible to apply for admission to the nursing department. Please visit Southern's website at www.southernct.edu/admissions/ for the most up to date information regarding application deadlines. Please consult the nursing department site at www.southernct.edu/nursing/ regarding specific program requirements and prerequisites. Prospective students interested in the Accelerated Career Entry (ACE) nursing program, please visit www.southernct.edu/nursing/undergraduateprograms/ace/ for further details.

  7. International Students
    Closing dates for completed application/financial affidavit are May 1 for the fall semester, and November 15 for the spring semester.

    Additional requirements:

    • Minimum Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score is 525 (computerized-based TOEFL score is 200). Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) may replace TOEFL requirement.
    • If you are an international student, you must complete a special packet of information available in the Admissions Office. Completing these forms will determine if you are eligible for the I-20 Form and, finally, the F-1 visa.
    • Prior to acceptance to the university and release of the I-20 form, all financial support documents must be received by the International Student Office. The university does not provide financial assistance to international students.
    • Certified English translations of secondary and/or college transcripts are required and are not returnable. Explanations of the grading system must accompany transcripts.
    • International transfer students must have all foreign credits evaluated by a professional agency.

Notice to Applicants with Disabilities

Southern Connecticut State University provides accommodations for qualified students with disabilities based on current documentation. By law, students are not required to disclose a disability. However, in order to receive accommodations once at Southern, a student must provide specific testing and or documentation to the Disability Resource Center related to the impact of the disability. For more detailed information about documentation requirements or Disability Resource Center services, visit the DRC's website at www.southernct.edu/DRC or call (203) 392-6828, (203) 392-6131 (TTY). The DRC's mailing address is: Disability Resource Center, 501 Crescent Street, New Haven, CT 06515-1355.

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Southern Connecticut State University
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Telephone: 203-392-5644
Fax number: (203) 392-5727
Website: www.southernct.edu


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